Frequently Asked Questions

Set up

  • What is Oro?

Oro is a personalised fitness and nutrition app that has been created in partnership with Loughborough University’s Performance Support team. Oro is completely free to download and use however you can upgrade your account to premium which will give you access to more features within the app. 


  • Who are Loughborough University Performance Support teams?

Loughborough University’s Performance Support team provide specialist support from a range of scientific disciplines to develop performance of the top athletes and teams based at Loughborough University. The aligned, multidisciplinary approach to athletic performance has helped to create an unrivalled sporting legacy at Loughborough. At the last Olympics, Loughborough athletes won 12 of GB’s 67 medals and if Loughborough were a country they would have placed 10th in the last paralympic games. Along with this teams such as GB Swimming, England Cricket and England Rugby are all based on Loughborough’s campus. 


  • What goal should I choose?

The Weight Loss plan has been designed to create a calorie deficit. Therefore, when following this plan, we envisage your weight to decrease by up to 0.5kg per week. Due to being in a calorie deficit you will start to lose weight. Although you cannot target specific areas for fat loss, overall you should start to feel and look leaner.

The Toning plan has been designed to create a small calorie deficit. Therefore, when following this plan, we envisage that you will lose fat mass albeit at a slower rate. Due to Toning plans being high in protein, you can expect to maintain muscle definition and obtain a lean physique.

The General Fitness plan has been designed to be calorie neutral. Therefore, when following this plan, we envisage there should be no change to your weight, however, there could be changes in your muscle definition. This plan has been designed to maintain good health and consolidate good nutritional habits.

The Muscle Gain plan has been designed to create a calorie surplus. Therefore, when following this plan, we envisage your weight to increase by up to 0.5kg per week. As you follow this plan, you should see an increase in muscle size and definition.

  • What activity level should I choose?

The following activity levels, do not include additional workout or exercise sessions you may partake in: 


Desk-based: you find yourself sat down for more than 7 hours a day

Fairly active: you find yourself sat down for more than 4 hours a day

Active: you find yourself on your feet for more than 4 hours a day

Very active: you find yourself on your feet for more than 7 hours a day

  • Who can use Oro? 

Oro is made for everyone and we strive to be as accessible and flexible as possible to fit your lifestyle. The level of personalisation that Oro provides means that no matter your training ability, where you want to train, how long you have to train for or your dietary requirements, we can help you reach your goal. 


Oro is suitable for users over the age of 16 years old. 


At this moment in time, Oro is not suitable for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or looking to conceive. We also wouldn’t encourage any individual with a history or eating disorders or mental illness to use Oro. 


Should you have any doubts as to whether or not the Oro app and meal plans are appropriate for you, we would recommend checking with your doctor and/or a qualified nutritionist. 


Account / Subscription


  • What sign up methods do you accept? 

When creating an account you can choose to sign up via email address, Google, Facebook or Apple ID. 


  • What is Oro Premium?

Oro offers a premium subscription for users at the cost of £8.99 per month. Premium features are as follows: 


  • Get closer to the experts with personalised weekly emails tailored to you & your goal

  • Exclusive discounts from Oro partners

  • Invitations to exclusive Oro Premium events & workshops 

  • Access to more recipes that fit within your personalised meal plan

  • More professional chef & foodie influencer recipes to choose from

  • Flexibility to swap an exercise due to preference, not having the equipment or busy gym

  • Access to the ‘Weight Lifted Tracker’ to easily record and monitor your strength progress

  • How do I subscribe and what payment methods do you accept?

You can subscribe directly through the app by going to your settings. 

Oro accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express payments from customers worldwide.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time with our contract free approach. To cancel you must go to your profile within the app and click to cancel subscription. On this page you will be able to view your next invoice date, this is the date that your subscription will be active until. 

  • Do you offer a student discount?

At this moment in time there is no consistent offer for students as the standard Oro app is completely free. However there may be times when Oro runs promotional periods whereby students can get special offers on subscription. 


  • Why is my payment failing?

Please make sure that the ​card details entered, including billing address, are all correct and your card has not expired. If you're still experiencing issues, please email


Workouts / Fitness


  • Can I do workouts at home?

All goals other than muscle gain allow you to select whether you train at home or in the gym.We understand that there may be days where things don’t go to plan so you have the option each workout to toggle between home and gym and change your program to where you want to train that day. 


  • Are Oro workouts suitable for me?

Oro workouts are designed for all users over the age of 16 years. 

Oro will program your workouts based on the information you provide; you decide when you train, where you train and how long you train for and we will do the rest for you. Taking the thought process out of training for you. 


Each exercise has a demonstration video featuring Loughborough athletes and tells you which muscle groups you should be working so you know if the movement feels right as well. Exercises are added into your workout programmes based on your training ability so even though a beginner and advanced user could have some of the same basic movements in their plan, there will be some that are only tailored to advanced users. 


The Oro equipment preference centres allow you to tell us what equipment you have or do not have in your gym or at home so that we can plan your workouts accordingly. 


If you are injured or pregnant we do not recommend you use Oro, unless your doctor has advised otherwise. However, certain injuries may actually require further strength training in order to heal properly - in these cases ask your doctor/physiotherapist to provide you with specific movements that you can and cannot do and modify your workouts accordingly.


  • Do I need a gym membership?

For most of our goals, you do not need to be a member of a gym as you have the flexibility to train at home. However, if your goal is muscle gain you only have the option to train in the gym. Our coaches believe that in order to build muscle you need to follow a plan that requires gym training. 


  • What equipment do I need?

Oro plans are entirely tailored to the equipment you have access to. If you have a gym membership then we will provide you with workouts that are based on standardised gym equipment. Alternatively, if you want to train at home the plans generated for you will be entirely body weight exercises as a default. 


  • What happens if I train at home and already own/buy equipment? 

If you already have or buy your own equipment for home use then we can add this to your home workout programming. Within the settings section of the Oro app you will find the home equipment preference centre. Here you will be able to select the equipment you have at home, once selected this will unlock more exercises that can be added to your programming. 


  • Will Oro tell me what weights to lift?

At Oro, we don't think it would be right for us to tell you what weight to lift, which is why we opted to use RPE as a way of guiding you through your workout. 


Every exercise that uses equipment within your plan will have an RPE that your team of Oro experts have given to it. This RPE will change depending on what the exercise is, where it sits within your workout and the purpose of the exercise. 


The RPE scale runs from 1-10, with each number relating to how easy or difficult you should find the exercise. An exercise with an RPE of 1 would be a warm up whereas an exercise with an RPE of 8/9 means we want you to be training with high intensity, lifting weights that feel heavy and pushing yourself. 


Using RPE means you can train at the correct intensity each day. Whilst this training program places load on the body in the form of physical stress, multiple other factors can impact your readiness to train and your recovery status. Using RPE helps you autoregulate the weight based on your readiness to train at that moment in time.


  • Can I play music during the workouts?

Whilst using the Oro app you can play music from any platform of your choice. However, if you play a “how to” exercise video as part of your workout it will override your music and once the video has stopped you will need to restart your music manually. 

  • Can I access my workouts offline?

In order for Oro to function properly the app requires you to have an internet connection. If your internet connection fails you will only be able to see limited content within the app.


  • How can I get further advice regarding workouts?

In order to have more access to the Oro experts, ensure you are opted in to marketing communications to receive newsletters and advice from the Oro team. As well as this follow the Oro team on social media for regular updates and guidance: 


Instagram: @oro_social 

Facebook: Orosocial

Recipes / Meal Plans / Nutrition


  • Do I have to count calories or track macros?

When using Oro, our team does all the hard work for you so there’s no counting calories or tracking macros, you simply have to follow the meal plan we’ve set for you. 


  • How is my meal plan generated?

Oro takes into account all your personal data combined with your activity levels and training pattern to calculate the right nutrition for you to reach your goal. Our food first approach means we don’t just focus on macronutrients and calories but the micronutrients your body needs to thrive as well. Food is there to fuel you which is why you will notice that as you move your training days around the meal plan will follow. 


  • What if I have dietary requirements?

At Oro we want to be accessible to everyone, so if you have a dietary requirement or allergy then we will take that into account when calculating your meal plan. Simply select your dietary requirement or allergy within the questionnaire when setting up your account and we will do the rest. 


  • If I don't like the recipe, can I swap it?

We want you to enjoy following your Oro plan so each recipe comes with other options you can swap for. As a free user the number of choices will be limited to two per meal but premium users have a lot more choice. 


  • Are snacks included?

Oro is completely tailored to you, so depending on how many times a day you choose to eat, we will provide you with the snacks that you can eat that keep you on plan. As with any of your recipes, you can switch these out based on your preferences. 


  • Are drinks included?

Oro includes drinks as part of your plan however you do have the option to swap these if you are recommended something you don’t like. There’s additionally a list of free drinks that is provided via our email comms that you can drink without affecting your plan - the most obvious of these is water. 


  • I have a family - can I cook the same food for them?

Oro portions are set to be a standard size so that they can easily be cooked for other people. When generating your shopping list you can select how many portions of each meal you want to shop for then in your recipe card you can also increase the portions as well. 


  • What happens if I go off track?

We understand how hard it is to be 100% on plan 100% of the time - we’ve tried to make Oro recipes as delicious as possible in order to keep you on track as best as possible. However, we know life happens so if you do come off plan, miss a training session, miss a week worth of Oro then don’t dwell on it, simply get back on track, continue as normal with Oro and you’ll still reach your goal.